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Do you own a business and are looking to grow your customer base? Want to attract qualified leads? Want a central place to post your jobs, news and projects? Look no further! Promote your business and increase your online visibility.


Are you self-employed providing professional services? Increase your online visibility to improve your efficiency and automatically add appointments to your schedule. Join the digital world now!

The quality of your photos can make all the difference to your website. As a photographer specializing in websites, I can help you create eye-catching images that showcase your services.


This step is the most important because it will serve as the foundation for the entire project. It will allow me to fully understand your needs, in order to give you the best possible end result.

What is your goal? Do you have a problem to solve? What do you want to show on your website? What content do you want to show?

Then, we move on to the paperwork, you send me the necessary content: texts, logos, images and the work begins!

Now comes the most fun step; the creation of your website! This phase represents the bulk of the project.

Depending on the size of your website, its complexity and how fast you send the necessary content, this step normally takes between 2 to 6 weeks.

All good work requires a few adjustments to reach its perfection. A little adjustment here, change a photo there.

You’re going to have the chance to give your final approval to ensure a good first impression of your new website to the general public.

It’s time for the big launch! After a little post on your social media, your website will gain instant traction. You will impress your customers and prospects and start selling and receiving requests for your services.


Welcome to the first step of your project, where we lay the foundation for everything to come. This is a critical phase that allows me to gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs and goals, ensuring that we can deliver the best possible end result.

To start, let’s discuss your objectives and any issues you want to address with your website. What do you want to showcase? What kind of content do you want to display?

Once we’ve established your requirements, we’ll move on to the next phase, where you’ll provide the necessary content, such as text, logos, and images. With everything in place, we can then begin bringing your vision to life!

Website creation

Now, it’s time for the most exciting part – creating your website! This phase is where I’ll bring your vision for the website to life. It’s a critical step, as it’s the foundation upon which your online presence will be built. So, get ready to see your ideas come to fruition as I work my magic.

Some final touches

Achieving perfection in any project requires some fine-tuning. A few small adjustments here and there, like changing a photo or tweaking the layout.

You’ll have the chance to give your final approval, which will ensure a great first impression of your new website to the general public. This is your opportunity to ensure that everything is just right before you launch, so take the time to review and make any necessary adjustments.

The big launch!

The time has come to launch your website! This is an exciting opportunity to make a strong impression on your customers and prospects. A successful website launch will impress them and pave the way for requests for your services or product purchases.


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Did you know that over half of website visits are on mobiles and tablets? It is extremely important to provide good user experience for everyone, no matter what device they are using. That is why I make sure that all my sites are responsive.

Like a good recipe, a website needs spices to make it better. Forms, automated invoicing, appointment scheduling, email and marketing software, blogging, dynamic content, image and coding optimization, job posting, redirects and responsive navigation are on the menu.

Your website will be developed taking into account different browsers and their differences when it comes to coding. This is important to reach all of your potential customers, no matter what browser they use: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and even Opera are tested.

Your site will be hosted on my own super fast cloud server. This way,  you don’t need to worry about the maintenance and background work that a server requires. You can learn more about this topic in the FAQ section. You can also host your site on your own hosting if you wish to do so.

To ensure that your website continues to run fast and perform well, I offer a maintenance package. This includes: updating the software that runs your site (PHP, WordPress, plugins, themes, etc.), integrating security and anti-spam systems as needed, general monitoring of site functionality and backups so you don’t lose anything.

Every website project includes a FREE SSL CERTIFICATE (padlock in the link bar). This certificate protects your data by encrypting every bit of information. It also confirms your identity to assure your visitors that you are the real business or person. Plus, it helps with your site’s SEO. Since 2018, Google flags websites that don’t have SSL as «insecure».


Hosting: what does this term mean in the web world?

When you go to an Internet address, a server sends you the digital information (ones and zeros) that make up the website for that address. In order to be able to send the website to you, the server keeps this information in storage.

So your website resides on a server. Without a server, your site cannot reach the Internet and no one can access it.

This is where hosting costs come from. All websites pay to be hosted on a server to be connected to the Internet.

There are three main categories of hosting: shared, cloud, and dedicated.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the action of optimizing a website for search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

When our sink breaks, we will search our cell phone or computer for a plumber in our area. Plumbers who have a well-optimized website will appear first in the results list. Those who have not done SEO, fall on the second, third, fourth page that you never visit. So those who did their job (or hired me) get all the leads, and those who haven’t get nothing.

So how can one optimize their website for search engines?

There are several things we can do. To name a few: quality of content, website speed, presence of an SSL certificate, choice of hosting, social media shares, keywords, external and internal links.

We know all about these types of software that lets you create a free website on your own.

However, what these companies don’t tell you is that in order to be able to give you this, they reduce their costs elsewhere. The creativity and originality of your website is limited, the hosting is slow and unstable, integrations are limited, SEO is not strong. Plus, startup plans put ads on your site for their benefit. This is not very cash money.

By hiring a professional web designer like me, you can be sure to have a fresh, modern website with good, fast hosting. You are going to have an SEO advantage over the people who use this software and you are not going to have unwanted advertising on your website.


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A little introduction

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This little form begins the process of getting the website of your dreams and hopefuly the start of our relationship.

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